I got to see Valentino Rossi Win a race. Super pumped about that. Then I got to storm the track with all the other racing fans. Awesome.

Currently playing destiny on the PS4.

Obviously using the Titan class. This is my level 26 outfit so far.

It’s an ok game so far. It seems like the good stuff takes so long to acquire though. Ah well.

I’m pretty terrible at the PvP modes. I just don’t have what it takes I guess.

Finally completed my open water certification today. Some screen grabs from my GoPro footage.

Found out I really don’t float… BC and tank on only no weights and I was still sinking…

Visibility was about 4 feet and it made seeing the signals from the instructor.

Blowing my mind…😳

Me and my scuba buddy during our final pool session at True Blue Watersports in Lake Charles, LA.

When is the last time you had one of these???

When I was little we would always take a road trip somewhere. In order to not have to make stops specifically for food my peeps would load up on these, luncheon meats, mayo in ziplock bags, bread that always got smashed, bottled water and roll out.




It would appear that I too have been sucked into drawing adorable baby Groot. #myart #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #groot #babygroot #iamgroot #copic


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Couple videos of animals with and around gopros.


I’ve been riding motorcycles for over a decade, I’ve been knitting for a few months, and I’m in a SCUBA class… AND WHAT???