It would appear that I too have been sucked into drawing adorable baby Groot. #myart #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #groot #babygroot #iamgroot #copic


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Couple videos of animals with and around gopros.


I’ve been riding motorcycles for over a decade, I’ve been knitting for a few months, and I’m in a SCUBA class… AND WHAT???

Me and Tim on the track at Laguna Seca.

From the best road trip I’ve ever had.

Me, and my friends Andre, Timothy and Wilfred all drove to Monterey in 2010 to go watch Motogp. We drove my car pulling mine, Tim’s and Wilfred’s bikes.

Initially it was only me, Tim and Andre leaving from southwest Louisiana, we picked Wilfred up in Albuquerque, NM. He rode his bike (Ruby, a red try umps 675) down from Denver Colorado.

I had my ‘02 R1 and Tim had his ‘05 ZX10. Andre didn’t have a bike at the time so we didn’t do as much riding as we had hoped but it was all good.

Good times with good friends.


Green Back Sam on his Fish ID dive and a few Turtles turned up….

want to dive with them??

For more information on Diving Tenerife see Diving Tenerife by neilholloway

One day. I’ll be down there enjoying and snapping photos.



Doodlin’ bad guys.


This is pretty cool. I’d like this framed on my wall.

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One horn is a little bigger than the other…can’t do much about that. It’s finished now, and I’m cool with that.


single, not sure how to mingle


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So Python came in the other day from sideshow collectibles. I like it but the stuff it comes with is somewhat lackluster. It seems to be heavily molded from the mk VII with some things beefed up like the legs, obviously the helmet is different, and the color. I’m still very pleased with it, although kinda mad at myself since I have to get a new Hall of Armor display case.


The hat i am knitting for a friend who is clearly a Vikings fan is coming along nicely. Last pic is to show the white vs off white yarn for the horns.